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Bulls Marine Salvage is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Boat Salvage is not your common salvage business. Bull's Marine Salvage will come to you and look over that vessel/engine you have been trying to figure out what to do with.  We will give you a fair price for your salvageable boat/engine. Bull's Marine Salvage will then recycle most all parts from the vessel/engine and re-manufacture with a warranty any parts that can be salvaged. We believe that our landfills are full enough without adding a boat or two. So if you have a boat that you just cannot figure out what to do with.....give us a call and we will be happy to help. Bull's Marine Salvage will not take just a fiberglass boat hull only. The vessel must have some salvageable parts.

Bull's Marine Salvage sells salvaged/re-manufactured boat parts, engine parts and we sell new items as well.  If you are looking for something ........Give us a call first....Bull's Marine Salvage can get it for you CHEAPER.
Call for an estimate or to find that part you need 336-413-8882.

Bulls Marine Salvage is owned and operated by a certified technician with 30 plus years experience in all major boat engine brands.  Bull's Marine Salvage believes in premium service/parts at discount prices.
*****Do you have an eyesore of a boat/trailer sitting in your yard that the little woman has begged you to move or discard. Well look no longer the answer is Bull's Marine Salvage. Give us a call and we will be happy to take it off your hands. We may even give you a little money for that eyesore.********
(336) 413-8882   

                      Bull’s Marine Salvage Pricing

* $125.00 for a Service Call/Truck

* $50.00 for an Estimate/Estimate fee will be waived if  
    BMS performs the repairs.

* All Salvage Estimates are FREE.

* Winterization Basic $175.00

* Winterization Deluxe $300.00

* Spring Check $175.00-225.00 depending on
   Model/Plus Parts

****Bull's Marine Salvage is a USED BATTERY DROP OFF SITE. Bring your old boat, vehicle, lawn mower or tractor batteries and drop off at 780 Palmer Lane Winston Salem, NC 27107. Please call first. This is a FREE SERVICE - Let's try to keep all recyclable items from our landfills.**** 


E-mail bullsmarinesalvage@yahoo.com if you have any questions about parts or accessories. We will immediately email you back or just submit your your name and telephone number so that we may contact you concerning your question.

These are pictures of a restoration I did for a customer. This was a 1967 Correct Craft with an original 289 Cobra Interceptor. A  very rare boat and engine package. It took almost a year to find all the parts and re-assemble.It started out with a cracked head and in very poor condition. Because of what it is and its rarity some parts like the ignition,
alternator, and starter had to be replaced with new parts. However, I did find an original head and 90 percent of the engine is all original.

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